Still Yesterday
Des.gráfica Collection – Museum of Image and Sound/São Paulo (MIS/SP), Brazil, 2017
66 pages 20×28.5cm

A decision without possible choices, the days remain the same, still yesterday seemed different. This comic was selected by the Des.gráfica open call in 2017, promoted by Museum of Image and Sound/São Paulo (MIS/SP). It were printed 50 copies with hard cover. This experimental comic happen in a distopic universe where children are born in pair and they must choose a color to go to the adult’s word. But what can happen if a pair doesn’t come to an agreement and one of them can’t make through? Our protagonist keeps living the same day in their* favorite memory but now they* are alone. The pages are composed by small newspapers photographies amplified covered with a spot of white ink where the drawing is placed. I collected these photos from a Brazilian-Japanese newspaper that my grandparents subscribed and after they died it kept arriving at my parent’s house, it was a hard task to unsubscribe. All the pages are splash pages without line frames, the narrative must be read as the drawing leads the eye. This both aspects create a flow that is similar to a confused or misplaced memory.

*the pronouns are in the third person plural because the characters have no gender.

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