in Topographies, Selo Piqui, Brasília, Brazil, 2016

10 pages  21×29.7cm

In a close dimension, the beings communicate by telepathy and perceive everything in a oddly familiar way.

This comic was published on the Topographies, an experimental comic’s anthology made by women. It was named one of the best comic book of the year by specialized blogs. All the stories have the “passage and way” theme. Teneusca is about a young girl that has to go on a school trip to the “Tomorrow’s memory museum”. The comic happens in a  humanoid universe where people talk with telepathy and seem to live a harmonious life with nature. The pages begin with a fixed grid of small frames, the colors are used as an indication of what is inner and out of the character. Our protagonist gets really bored in the tour and leaves the excursion projection. Outside, she is placed in another path where she might never return to her universe.

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